Back in the saddle again!


I sort of feel like I'm starting over from the beginning again.  All that time off (to the tune of about 3 weeks!!!) has pushed me back to the point of practically being back to square one.  Imagine, if you will, me banging my dumb head on the keyboard saying, "STUPID!  STUPID!  STUPID!"  Because, man.  That's pretty much what I am.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Oh well.  Live and learn, yeah?  Yeah.

The learning that's taken place is that consistency is key.  Don't be ditching out on your workouts.  Maybe ditching out on the perfect eating if you really have to.  BUT DON'T DITCH THE WORKOUTS!!!  Starting from the beginning again is dumb.  And totally counter-productive.

I did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred again tonight.  Like, really did it.  Hard stuff.  I like the concept of these little workouts.  Three circuits of three minutes of strength training-two minutes of cardio-one minute of abs.  Everything from side lunges with arm movements to jumping jacks to all kinds of crunches.  I like that she's all about not taking breaks while you're kicking your own ass.  I mean, it's a 20-minute workout.  There's really not a whole lot of reason to take big breaks in between the circuits or moves.  BUT, in those 20 minutes, if you really push yourself, you get SUCH benefits.

I'm feeling it already.  I can't wait till tomorrow.  :)

So, for week 1 of 2012, I didn't do such a great job of working out.  I logged my meals, and sometimes it was a great day and sometimes it was a shat day.  I've tried to keep a positive attitude - telling myself that I can do this and I will be more determined.

Just because I wanted to do a better job of posting pictures to keep people entertained, here's one of me on NYE.  Happy new year, friends!

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