There goes THAT excuse.

I've said before that I won't do the ($2!!) exercise classes offered at work because they take place in our cafeteria area. All that public space working out?! No way. I'm iffy enough on the idea of getting all sweaty and gross with coworkers, and the thought of coworkers NOT working out catching a glimpse of all this is not cool.

*sigh* And now, the new workout facility at work is complete. More equipment, bigger spaces, and a dedicated space for the classes. A space with doors so that anyone in the machine area doesn't have to be tortured by watching me work out. Ha. Ceilings tall enough for jump rope, a pile of balance balls, more hand weights than the gym hubbs and I pretended to attend. And FREE. All of it. Classes are $2 each - kettle bell, yoga...there are four in total right now.

Tonight, after four years here, I'm taking a class. Tonight, it's Kettle Bells. I'm nervous - it's a 45-minute session. That's a long time for a totally out-of-shape chunk like me to work out. I'm going to hide in the back and so the best I can. I've got this weird ache or strain or something on my left side -from my lower back through my hamstring - that I'll also be fighting. I'm SO going to look like an awkward weirdo. Ha.

I'm hoping tomorrow's yoga class helps get it all out!

Wish me luck, and look forward to a little report if sorts this evening. :)


  1. Hoooooray! So proud. Let me know how your yoga class goes, I'm nice and relaxed from mine earlier today :)

  2. How was the kettle bells and yoga????

  3. Jeez, sorry fans. :) Posted!