County fairs are about more than tractor-pullin'!

First order of business:  this is my 90th post.  What??  I had no idea.  I guess I really DO talk a lot.  :)

Next up:  I'm back, baby!

I realized this weekend that eating right is something that I really like doing.  This weekend was the county fair at home.  I love fair time.  Nothing like fried bits and demo derbies to get you happy, right?  Well, minus the fried bits, I guess.  When I was a kid, nothing was more great than getting my gobble on with the fair food.  I mean, it came about once a year.  I was going to go ape-shite on the cheese curds and Mt. Dew out of the giant milk cartons (attendees of the BCF know exactly what those were...!).  Ape. S.  It's not as if we went out to find the greasiest foods available, but I'd be all kinds of lying if I said there was ever a salad (or vegetable outside of french fries and ketchup) eaten during those four days of glory.

But now, as an adult, all the mini donuts and corn dogs just couldn't do it for me.  The corn dog by itself would have been fine.  The cheese curds by themselves would have been okay.  But the dog and the curds and the cheese fries and the donuts...not awesome.  I feel like I should note that I did NOT eat all those things by myself.  I had plenty of help.  It's just that they were consumed all within probably an hour and a half.  NOT good.

Not only did my belly hurt, I just didn't feel good.  Groggy.  Generally unhappy.

Here's what I learned.  Next time I go to one of these things, I need to bring some fruit.  GRANTED, the Gburg fair isn't really a big enough deal that I couldn't have left the fairgrounds and wandered to the 'ol IGA and gotten some fruit (or just traipsed off to the BP down the road...) - unlike, say, the state fair.  But, I plan on making sure I have a game plan when I go to the other couple of fairs that I'm going to this summer.  #1 part of the plan = moderation station.  Perhaps, let's go ahead and have all that stuff - but do a bunch of walking and water-drinking in between.  And share with everyone I can find.

It's kind of nice to know that all the learning that I've put in has actually sunk in.  I had chicken, a wild rice mix, and corn on the cob for dinner.  And it was awesome.  Just what I wanted.  Guess I'm growing up a little bit in my food choices.  I'm willing to trade the mini donuts in for that.

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