Major bummer, dude!

I watched "Parenthood" Thursday night, and I've had Keanu on my brain since then.  Naturally, I turned to Ted (or was it Bill?) when I learned something that made me sad.

Remember when I was raving about my Clothes Mentor jeans a couple of weeks back?  Well, we jaunted on over to Sears yesterday (it was our anniversary - what a romantic way to spend the day, eh?) to see if I could find some more.  I wandered about for a while (side note:  they sell French Connection and Land's End clothes at Sears.  What the???), but couldn't find the jeans.  So, I asked one of the sales chicks.  She joined me in the jeans rave, saying that not only were they a Sears brand (SCORE!), but they were her favorite jeans too!  We kind of wandered a little, looking for them before she said that she wasn't sure where they were moved to on the floor and asked someone who actually worked in the women's clothing department.

This is the point at which Bill (or was it Ted?) would have said "No way!" (or is that Spicoli??)  The sweet lady in women's clothing told me that THEY WERE NO LONGER CARRYING THESE JEANS!!!!  Crushed.  The lady I was working with suddenly got the bright idea that they could still have some in the clearance section.  Brilliant!  I found a few pair in too-small sizes.  Bummer.  Then, lo and behold, I found a pair a size smaller than the ones I currently have.  The only hitch in this giddyup is that they were skinny jeans.

I'm leery of anything that says "skinny."  Mostly because I'm NOT.  It's daunting to think that something should have a slimmer fit.  I have too many lumps to wear fitted clothing.  It makes me nervous.  I sucked it up, though, and bought them.  $11 on clearance just got me.  I tried them on, and holy cats - they FIT.  As in, they fit on the waist.  As in THIS IS THE SIZE THAT I WOULD WEAR!!!  And, the skinny doesn't even look horrendous.  I'm lucky enough that I don't have a giant booty or hips, and generally thinner legs, so it turns out that the skinny jeans don't look like total ass on me.  I like that this brand seems to run a little big. Major sigh for them going away.  Mr. Peavs is not impressed with the fact that they're skinny on the bottom too (he's not a fan of the tapered-leg jeans.  I can't argue with a man that hates Mom jeans!), but he said that they look "pretty good, in general."  I appreciate that he can be honest but still at least a little flattering.  Good boy.

HOWEVER, the also-bummed chick I was talking with did tell me that they will often drop a brand, and it'll come back in a few months under a new name - same company making them, using the same manufacturers.  (that sounds kind of tax-evasion-y to me, but I'm no IRS agent...)  It's my plan to check back at Sears for a new brand of great-fitting jeans.  Maybe I'll get lucky and find this chick again.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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