It's here!!!!!

So, a few weeks back, I decided to get a subscription to fitness!
Um, so long ago that I kinda forgot that I'd ordered it...and actually almost ordered another subscription yesterday.  HA!  Good thing I didn't order another one.

If you're my family (seester), you know that I need another magazine 'round the house like I need a death-shot throat punch.  The thing is, though, that I really love fitness mag.  I thumb through it in Target/Walgreens/the grocery store all the time.  I wander through the online articles really frequently.  I even have a couple of exercises bookmarked on the 'ol computer.  When I saw a deal for practically nothing (maybe $9?  Or was it $5?), I jumped.  I'm so excited to thumb through the first volume.  Don't you worry.  In typical kinda-sharing fashion, I'll tell ya what I find!

PS - had my gettin' skinny class today, and we talked about working in working out.  Talk about timely!!  I hope to share my exercise plan and meal plan plans tomorrow.  I worked until 7:00 tonight, so I was (understandibly, I think) a little too brain-fried to remember to grab it all.


  1. Ha, I bet if we stacked up all your subscriptions we could make some sort of epic tower for the dummies to demolish. If you only paid $5 for it though-worth it! (and let me know where I can get it for that cheap!)

  2. I'll keep my eyeballs peeled for a cheap-o deal, and then it's all yours!! :D