Another week down, ladies and gentlemen!  Do you ever just feel like time just keeps rolling faster and faster???  Because I sure do.  It could be the 10-hour days I've been pulling lately.
Things I'm grateful for this week:

  • Seeing family.  My parents are busy folk.  It's planting season right now - both on the farm and for gardeners (just in case someone actually reads this blog that I don't know - my parents own a farm and my mom is a co-owner of a couple of garden stores/flower shops), so that means that their hours are whack.  I went home this weekend to see them and my girl Lau.  I got to see them for a few minutes.  :)  Even though it wasn't hours on end with them, it was still nice to see them.  I wish they lived closer (you too siblings!!).

  • Irony.  Like I mentioned up top, I'm ridiculously busy right now at work.  10-hour days that are just full of  frenetic energy.  Energy-sucking frenetic energy.  In the midst of all that, we're going to be moving desks.  I have probably 15 10-inch boxes full of what I'm doing at work.  That's on top of the "normal" everyday stuff that's in my cube.  Oh, the joy.  Naturally, this move would happen when we're the busiest!  At least it'll give me a chance to organize some of it, right?

  • The ability to snap back into being 22 if I need to.  This weekend not only involved hanging at the shop with mi madre, it also involved copious amounts of the drink (YES, I realize that's "against the rules" or whatever.  Get over it.  ha).  And dancing.  And making friends with weirdos.  And a slice (only a slice!!!) of charred bar pizza.  It was nice to reminisce on all the fun we had back in the day (listen to me say that like I'm 50. ha.), and to do it all again.

  • Air conditioning!  Man.  For a kid who grew up without A/C until I was probably 21, I love the hell out of it now.  Mom and Dad hadn't turned theirs on at home yet (neither had we, for the record!), and it was a smidge scorchy on Friday.  It was really nice to sit under the fan with a beer though.

  • Lounging days!  On Saturday, I woke up late, had a little breakfast burrito, and proceeded to spend the rest of the morning/early afternoon hanging out in the driveway, getting some sun and reading to my little heart's content.  A bowl of pistachios and a glass of water completed the package.  As did the sunburn I managed.  That's three, for those of you counting at home.  It *might* be time to get and use some sunscreen.  You should see what a bronzed goddess I am though!

  • Watching my dog attempt to murder the sprinklers.  It's hilarious.  Seriously.  He went after our neighbor's tonight - they have the tractor ones.   He hates the heads that pop up on our in-ground system, but the tractors are now worse.  Probably because the whirley arms clobbered him in the face.  ha.  Stupid dog.

  • I maybe have mentioned it before, but I love Chobani Greek yogurts.  I don't know if saying I'm grateful for it is the right thing to say, but it makes me really, really happy and is delicious, and my day feels kinda crap when I don't start it with a cuppa.  I even debated picking some up at my grocery store here for the weekend because I didn't think there would be any at the grocery store at home.  That's love.

Um, that's it for this week.  Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is on.  Dedication...


  1. I wish you lived closer to gburg, and that I had seen you this weekend!!

  2. Me too, friend. Then I could see you guys more often! PS - I left that little something for K at the farm. I'm sure it'll be coated in butter by the time you can get it. ha.