It starts.

So, technically, it's not Day 1.

At the end of September/beginning of November, I went with Mom and Sister to Europe.  We went to Paris, several places in Germany, Salzburg, and Prague.  It was beautiful.  One of the best vacations I've ever been on.  We ate, walked, and drank our way through.  We also took roughly a million pictures.

It wasn't until we were back, and I was trying to figure out which pictures I wanted to print that reality smacked me in the face.  I was HUGE.  Okay.  Maybe not huge, but the snaps of me without a giant chin were few and far between.  I was really disappointed.  Crestfallen.  So disappointed that I still haven't actually printed out a single picture of our trip.

BUT, with disappointment came several other things.  Realization that something needed to change.  A windfall of weight lost on the trip - roughly 8 lbs (which is pretty amazing, considering that I shoveled kasespaetzel into my face not once.  Not even twice.  Three times.).  And then, most importantly, an opportunity for true change.

My workplace is fantastically pro-health.  This always used to annoy me.  Being one of maybe 10 fatties at work was something that bothered me every day.  In an entire building full of people, there are so few people who are heavy.  I'm sure the insurance company sees this as a fantastic thing.  But I'm pretty sure the 10 of us don't see it as a fantastic thing.  I can't be the only one who is embarrased and disappointed in myself for being in that less-than-elite group.

A few weeks after I was back fom the trip, riding high off my pride with almost 10 lbs lost, we got an email from a group in HR about a class that was being offered.  This was the second installment (the first was in the spring, and my two co-workers got all kinds of thin when they attended that one).  Encouraged by their successes in the first installment, I didn't hestate to join up.  I've proceeded to drop more weight.  I've learned how to do a better job of logging all my food.  I've learned that there are things that I can do - substitutions I can make - to continue my healthy journey.

With only a couple of classes left, I'm going to need more than just the ability to remind myself that I have to write down every piece of food that I eat.  I'm going to need more than the help of my fantastic husband.  I'm going to need a community.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I'm hoping that same village can help me on my quest to be a skinny b!

So, stick around.  Enjoy it.  I encourage you to share.  I WANT you to share.  Recipes, tips, words of encouragement, stories of success and failure - and how you overcame that failure.  I plan on sharing all that...it's only fair you do too!


  1. Love it Beks! I wish I could actually write well!

  2. Bek I'm so happy for you and excited to do the journey with you. Just think the harder we work, the less we will recognize each other after a year, ha ha!

  3. Megan, ANYONE can write. Now, get to it! :) And Jenniferda, I can't wait to not recognize each other!!!

  4. I love it Bex! You will be my inspiration!

  5. A few comments:
    1.) Kase spaetzle is two words.
    2.) Ball should be coming your way for your anniversary. In the mean time, use wine bottles as weights, it helps :)
    3.) Lovely sneak reference to SOM.
    4.) Yay!! I'm so happy for and proud of you!!
    5.) I am both cheer squad and stalker. Oops.
    6.) You're beautiful (even with the full Swede) and lurve you Seester.
    7.) see #4 again.

  6. This is great! Definitely something that will help give me motivation! After hearing the doctor tell me I've gained so much weight since last year and giving me advice for exercise, sucked! Not having your partner do something like this with you, like Mom and Dad losing weight together, is difficult. So, with you having this blog, I think, will be good for me. I too, look at pictures and get disgusted, always seeing that belly that I have developed. I used to be so active.

  7. That's the idea Jenny! I want to motivate as much as I want to be motivated by everyone else. It's gonna be a MOVEMENT! :)

    TESSALYNN, YAY!!!! Until then, yeah. I'll use the heck out of some wine bottles. DRINKING it counts as weight lifting, right...?