Is it worth it?

Lemme work it!!! (3.7 points to the person who knows that song!)

Worked my booty tonight.  I did the math on it yesterday on my little food and activity log (more on that sometime later), and it told me some 600 calories were burned.  Personally, I think that little puppy was probably a smidge off, but I like it anyway.  SOLD!

The Plan:
  • 10 minutes of cardio.  My weapon of choice is the godforsaken elliptical.
    • To make it less "please kill me," I pop that "Shuffle All" button on the 'ol Droid, and hope that it picks upbeat music like the Black Eyed Peas, Venga Boys (NOT the "Venga Bus" however), Pussycat Dolls, Save Ferris, and today...Josh Groban.  The Droid wants what the Droid wants I guess.
    • I cover up the readout information so that I can't obsess about how long I've been on the machine.  Once I start to get "I'm gonna die" tired, I glance at it and see where we're at with time.  If it's at the 10-minute mark (or, if it's near I kick it down till I get there), I hop off and start Phase II...
  • A circuit through the Good Housekeeping workout to "Drop a Dress Size in 6 Weeks."
    • It cycles through 6 different strength training moves - from a modified lunge that works just about everything to a chest press - for 10-15 reps (or 30-60 seconds, depending on the move).
    • The idea is to get to a point where you can do one set of reps with ease, then move on to two sets (by about week three), then three sets (by week 5).
    • Do one workout not more than every 48 hours, with 20 minutes of cardio 4-6 days of the week as well.
  • Another 5-10 minutes of cardio (again with the godforsaken elliptical) to round things out and for a nice cool down.
  • My 4-6 days of the week alternate cardio?  Kettlenetics (TM).  It's a sort of modified, self-lead Kettlebell workout.  I've been doing this puppy off and on for probably the last 6 months (in the interest of full disclosure, I'll offer that it's been more "off" than "on"...), and it's still difficult to get all the way through the "regular" workout without feeling like someone's cutting off my air supply.  Despite the crushing feeling that I'm probably going to die before the 20-minute video is over, I love how strong I feel after I'm done.  You know, once I get feeling in my legs again.  :)
So, that's the 411 on what I'm doing in addition to logging my calories and foods eaten (again, more later).  How about everyone else?  How are you trying to work more exercise or just plain not-sitting-on-the-couch movement into your week?


  1. Nice work Bek!! This is so awesome...it has prompted me to think more seriously about starting my own blog...weight loss journey with some other issues worked in :) If I do it, it would be awesome to link our blogs...

  2. Do it, do it!!! You can call it skinny m. :) We'll definitely link these bad boys up.

  3. I'm planning on starting small, at least for now. I am going to start logging the things I eat and drink. I am also logging it to see if maybe something triggers all these headaches I have been getting also. I also bought a two pack workout DVD to burn belly fat. Have used it once and felt embarrassed I could not keep up with her. Also, I have been making a point to shovel rather than use the snow blower when it snows.

  4. I'm totally finding that the logging really helps. It's one thing to look at something and go "ooo...that's 250 calories" (I'm talking to you, Snickers bar in my purse...) and a total other thing to look at the calories, know how many you've already consumed for the day, and know the impact of it - what you can have for the rest of the day.

    And, my dear, don't fret about not being able to keep up with the DVD lady. For one, they're pre-programmed robots that don't sweat or need the exercise. For two, you're out of practice. :) It'll come easy enough! Just keep it up.

  5. I will make you a workout mix. Complete w/ Missy Elliot.

    Also - here's a good site that has plyometric routines. http://rollerderbyworkouts.blogspot.com/

    Are you only working out by yourself? You doing any classes at a gym or stuff like that? I find working out w/ other people and in a slightly competitive atmosphere really helps - but that's coming from a derby girl:-)

  6. 3.7 points to Nicole!!

    For right now, I'm just using the above stuff. One of my coworkers is going to the YMCA near us, and loves their classes. If I'm finding that this is getting old or not working anymore, joining the Y for their classes will probably be my next step. I'm not on any level interested in joining a gym for their equipment - I have an elliptical, after all! - but the idea of taking classes really appeals to me. Something about the energy of that many people getting their fitness on is awesome.

    I'm SO checking out that site! I've never seen better booties than those of Derby girls. ha. :)