Thanks, Pinterest!

I love Pinterest.  I'm ever so slightly obsessed with it right now.  I think it's brilliant, and something that I wish I had invented.  As a matter of fact, the other blog that I have was my attempt to do something similar - put all the design ideas and things I see on the 'net that I like all in one place.  Shoulda invented Pinterest myself.  Bummer.
ANYWAY.  I love that site.  And, it's on that site that I found something sweet - an exercise finder.  It's from Canada's online Womens' Mag.  Canada, eh?  It's pretty awesome.  You pick a location (say, your thighs), and then you can go more specific if necessary (say, inner thighs).  Then, there are pages of exercises that will work those specific areas.  I haven't had a chance to use any of the exercises (just discovered the site Friday!), but I'm really excited to do it.  I'll get myself a 30-minute workout put together and give a review.  If you try it out, post your review too!

Something else kinda cool on the website?  An ideal weight calculator.  One that asks you to enter your frame size (it shows you how to determine your frame based on the 'ol fingers-around-the-wrist technique).  I MUCH prefer the 138 - 153 for my height based on my frame size (large, in case you wanted to know...naturally...) over what the BMI calculator tells me - 115 to 145 being healthy.  ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN POUNDS?????  Hell no.  I would be worse than Skeletor.  It would be pretty horrific.  Plus, for whatever reason, I feel more comfortable thinking that my high end is 150lb.  It doesn't seem like so scarily small a number that I'll never achieve it.  Even now, even 40lbs down, I still have quite a long way to go to even hit that 150lb mark.  BUT, it doesn't feel like a number that I couldn't hit.  It seems completely plausible that I could get there.  And I can't wait!  :)

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  1. I hate those BMI calculators - I know for a fact I never weighed below 135 at my smallest in high school and I was not over weight then - DORKS! 115 would be twiggy! By the way I'm down a few so your remarks about portion control are so on the mark, glad I'm following your advice! Found a tidbit in a magazine yesterday that said to use chopsticks when eating. It helps you eat more slowly which helps you feel full more quickly. I might have to try it out and let you know. Maybe I will get down to 115 eating that way - if I can't stab it, it will never make it into my mouth (haha)! Your comments about Pinterest are amusing since I just sent you and Tess some pics from there! Have a great week and keep up the awesome work!