Just because they're both short.

On the off-chance that anyone actually reads this anymore, I thought I'd share that I'm now down about 40 pounds from when I first decided to motivate myself.  a.k.a. I'm down about 40lbs from that pic I have on the home page.

Feel free to praise me.  I won't complain a bit.

For the record, 40lbs is roughly a size and a half for me, which I totally dig.  If I keep this up, I'll be able to jam myself into that stinkin' cute denim mini skirt that I bought on the cheap in NO TIME. 

Seriously though.  You should probably start to congratulate me right about now.  Go.


  1. I KNOW, RIGHT??????
    PS - bread making party at Hennessy's the week of July 11?!

  2. That would be fun! Let me know more on saturday

  3. HOOORAAAYYY SEEESTER!! I'm so proud of you homes, like whoa. Boo to me not being able to be in attendance at the bread making party though.

  4. you lost 40 lbs?!??! HOLLA!!!! you did look great this 4th of July weekend!!!

  5. Yeah, dude! Or, that's what the scale tells me. I dunno if I believe it, but what evs. :)