Maybe Tuesday should be my day?

Looks like I'm getting worse and worse at this whole posting thing.  Bah.
This week's list might be a little short.  I'm tired.  I've been working a lot.
  • SUNSHINE again.  I'm so happy that it's back.  I love seeing it peeking out behind the trees, love how it warms my skin when I'm walking from the office to the car.  I love watching the cats lounge in a beam on their backs.  I love trying to get pictures with a nice little haze or some kind of a sun spot.  I got some decent back-lighting on some pics of the gatitos earlier this spring.  Those are the kinds of pics I want to take more of.  Back to the topic at hand - I love the sun.
  • I'm graeful for the bounty that my little garden is gearing up to produce.  My tomato plants look like giant bushes of craziness, all tangled into each other and full of blooms.  My two little pumpkin plants are losing their minds growing like weeds.  The leaves on my zucchini and yellow squash plants are bigger than my big 'ol head.  There are little baby peppers on a whole lot of my pepper plants.  Here's a pic of my little garden from a few days ago, before everything grew even more.

Those are radishes in the front-right box.  Tomatoes are in the back left.  All manner of squashy items are in the back right.  Peppers left of the back right.  Carrots and garlic in the front left.  Next year, we're going to have to have at LEAST another 4x6 box.  Maybe more than one.  I LOVE gardening.  So, that's my little grateful - I'm grateful for the bounty to come!  And more close-up pics.  Promise.
  • Trying new things!  This episode of stuff I didn't know I loved:  corn chowder.  I said "corn chowda" in my head, just for the record.  I took some time recently to sift through the plethora of magazines that I have hanging around this joint, and stumbled upon some sweet new recipes.  I got this one out of the "Delicious Living" mag that's free in my grocery store.  And it's DAMN good.  And 141 calories for a cup-plus with a tsp of this aah-maze-ing cilantro pesto stuff.  My buddy Geo The Cilantro Hater would not agree.  At any rate.  It's sweet and spicy and delish.  I'm going to make giant pots of this stuff for winter consumption.  MMMMMMMMMM!
  • A partner I like, and who puts up with me.  I think I probably shout out my dumb hubby a lot, but I really like him, so I'm okay with it.  He totally gets me, and I just dig him.  We work okay together.  Am I gushing too much?  Meh.  I have such a crush on him that I just. don't. care.

I think I'm going to stop in there.  I'm tired.  It's bedtime.

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