Weekly Gratitude!

Weekly gratitude time!
  • Mr. Peavs.  He's such a great fella.  His short-comings (Let's face it.  Everone, even me - shocking, I know - has them) are far out-weighed by his awesomeness.  He makes my coffee in the morning, and lets the dog out in the middle of the night.  He tolerates my whining with a laugh most of the time.  He always gets me a heart-shaped box full of chocolates for Valentine's Day.  He's the butter to my toast.  The bacon to my eggs.  Why are my references brekfast food-related??  Love that guy.  Even when I wanna throat punch him.  :)
  • Garlic hummus, cucumber slices, and Muenster cheese.  They make the turkey in my daily turkey pita sandwich lunch edible.  More than edible.  Delictable, really!  Which is saying a lot, because lunchmeats = nast.
  • My greenish thumb.  I like that I can keep random plants (like a pot of annual decorative grasses) alive.  I’m extremely proud of the fact that I can keep alive the Arboracola that was given to my family when my grandpa was in the hospital some 28-ish years ago.  I’m also mad proud of the Burro’s Tail that I propagated all by my lonesome.  It really needs to be re-potted though.  Maybe we'll call it a green-yellow thumb for now.
  • My Droid’s RunKeeper app.  It’s kind of awesome to know just how far I’ve gone when I take Dogzilla for a walk.  It even tells me the estimated calories burned.  Even though it’s probably not 100% accurate for me, it's pretty sweet.
  • Birds.  I’ve heard a few of them lately.  Which reminds me…I need to knock down some nests and put up some chicken wire to keep those dummies out from under my deck this spring.  Wait.  Can I say “dummies” in a gratitude post?  Meh.  I’m leaving it.
  • Sunshine.  When that golden deliciousness chooses to show up, there's just no way NOT to smile.  I love the emergence of spring.
  • "Mad Love."  Yeah, that kid from American Pie and the chick from Scrubs are okay, but I LOVE the other two on the show.  They're awesome, and totally make the show.  I'm a gynormous fan of they guy who plays Larry (a big enough fan that I don't know his name...).  I've watched him play the sidekick on that show about the devil owning a dude's soul and forcing him to chase down demons (yeah, I got nothing when it comes to names today...), as the main character on the short-lived "Sons of Tuscon" (GOT ONE!), and now this.  I like seeing him as the sidekick.  He's good at it.  Also, how have I written that much about a TV show??
There you got it!  Greatfully delicious.

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